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    Is clicker training more effective

    It is often said that a dog will learn faster if you teach it something about the clicker. But is this really true? In two studies, clicker trainers were asked which points speak for clicker training from their point of view. Among others, the following arguments were given: However, these are all subjective impressions. Whether […] More

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    What helps with fear of fireworks?

    Fireworks cause trouble for many dogs. Shortly before New Year’s Eve, advice is piling up on how to make the time more bearable for your four-legged companion.There are countless tips, but few studies on how effective the various methods or means can be. Stefanie Riemer from the Dog University of Bern has now examined the […] More

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    Do dog breeds differ in their perception of pain?

    Colleagues have investigated whether different dog breeds feel pain differently. For this study, of course, no dog was deliberately inflicted pain. Instead, both veterinarians and people without a veterinary background were asked how they assess the sensitivity to the suffering of different types of dogs. The test subjects were asked to look at a photograph […] More